SIA-Bentley Systems Professional Knowledge Seminar: Introducing Digital Twins for Infrastructure projects and iTwins

Speakers: Dominik Schleipen

As the name suggests, a digital twin of an infrastructure is a digital replica of an infrastructure in the physical world, such as small buildings or even whole cities. The digital twin can use real world data to organise data, pull it into interoperable formats to create simulations that can predict how a product or process will perform. These programs can integrate the artificial intelligence and software analytics to enhance the output.

With the advancement in artificial intelligence, software analytics, machine learning and big data, these virtual models have become a staple in modern engineering to Synchronize work, gain greater visibility and prevent costly failures in physical object across the lifecycle of assets.

Learn about the functionalities and capabilities that enable building your digital twin solution including:

  • Interoperability with your BIM platform
  • Instant access to very large-scale datasets for visualization and insights
  • Continuously synchronized and federated with constantly changing data from different repositories and different vendors
  • Security, infrastructure, data integration
  • Developer examples