Developed By: Ar. Lee Shiuh Liang Jason | Ar. Wong Wai Sung | Ar. Tan You Jie | Mr. Chua Mu En John


The Fire Code and Fire Safety Principles Course is the first e-learning self-paced courseware by The Architects Academy (TAA). It is the fruit of the collaboration between Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) / TAA and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) from the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in March 2022.

The course will explain the principles of fire safety from the fundamental perspectives related to the fire code, focusing on the general principle of fire safety and the conceptual framework of the Fire Code.

The course is split into 11 small bite-sized courseware, touching on different topics of fire safety principles and how it is related and linked to the different sections in the Fire Code. At the end of each courseware, you will be assessed to see how well you have understood the various different principles.

The course aims to empower our architects and allied professionals by enhancing our understanding and application of the Fire Code. The course is targeted at all Built Environment (BE) stakeholders who are interested to know and understand the fundamental principles of the Fire Code.

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