SIA-Rockfon Professional Knowledge Seminar: Greening the construction industry: How to make the right decisions and integrate sustainability and circularity aspects in construction projects

Speakers: Lina Psarra


There are numerous definitions and approaches towards sustainability and circularity terms in the construction industry. In this seminar we will try to analyse all the relevant elements that make a contribution towards sustainability in a building and give some useful tips on what to check when selecting building materials. Additionally, we will try to define circularity, what it means and what criteria construction products need to fulfil in order to be consider circular and how acoustic ceilings can help you in that direction. In the seminar we will also understand how EPDs and Cradle to Cradle certificates work and make a deep dive into the criteria from Green Mark scheme, the product certifications like SGBC and Singapore Green Labelling Scheme and give you an understanding on the products you need to select to achieve the green mark certificate for the building.

Finally we will evaluate the role of sustainable building rating schemes in a local and global level and how can well being be integrated in the buildings we design for the future.